African Energy Week 2024

Monday, 15 January 2024


In October 2023 Professional Specialised Security Solutions proudly partnered with DMG events, where we provided the security personnel for African Energy Week at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. This prestigious event aims to propel Africa’s energy sector growth and eradicate energy poverty throughout the continent by 2030.


The African Energy Week (AEW) is an annual event organized by the African Energy Chamber. The event serves as a platform for uniting leaders, investors, and executives from both the public and private sectors within the African energy industry. Here’s a summary of key points based on the information you provided:

Organizer: African Energy Chamber

Establishment: AEW was established in 2021.

Objective: The primary goal is to address and discuss the future of the African energy industry to make energy poverty history by 2030.

Format: AEW is designed as an interactive conference, exhibition, and networking event.

Duration: The event spans four days, allowing for extensive dialogue and engagement.


  • Panel Discussions: Engaging in discussions on various topics related to the African energy sector.
  • Investor Forums: Platforms for investors to explore opportunities and discuss potential investments.
  • Industry Summits: Focused discussions on specific industry-related themes.
  • One-on-one meetings: Opportunities for private discussions and networking.

Scope: AEW addresses critical issues affecting the energy sector in Africa and aims to drive discussions that will shape the continent’s energy development trajectory.