Our specialised security officers are PSIRA Grade C Certified and are trained in comprehensively tested and developed security systems. The are also trained in the below: 

Our security personnel’s primary goal is to ensure the safety of all people within their area of responsibility as well as to secure all assets within the premises if necessary. They aim to prevent illegal activities, detect the presence of unauthorized individuals, observe all situations, and report incidents within their area of responsibility immediately. They also serve as first responders in case of emergencies.

Our highly skilled and experienced training team helps to ensure that our staff can provide excellent service in their fields. Visit Professional Aviation Services for more information.

All our personnel are expected to undergo pre-employment polygraphs as well as periodic polygraphs as per our client requirements. Case-specific polygraphs are conducted when necessary. We also conduct fingerprint clearances as part of background criminal checks and source references from previous employers. Our polygraphers are internationally accredited examiners.

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