In partnership with our strategic partnerships, we can provide VIP protection services. The vehicles, clients, and our personnel are monitored 24/7 from our National Control Room.

The VIP protection officers are specially trained and have the necessary skills and experience to handle difficult and dangerous situations. Their skills include the use of necessary force, first aid, advanced driving, and can assess various risks and threats. These services include:

Escort Vehicles

We provide escort vehicles that are monitored by our 24/7 national control room. Due to our strategic partnerships, we can provide tailor-made solutions for various challenges through the protection of people, cargo, and information. Our vehicle escorts are trained to secure high-value cargo during transit by shadowing the cargo with an unmarked vehicle, which includes two highly trained and professional security officers who are PSIRA registered. We offer both armed and unarmed security escort vehicles. Our reaction vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, radios, satellite tracking, and onboard cameras which can monitor internal and external activities.

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